Najd International Franchising Food and beverage operating company based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Flavorful Local Concepts

With a keen understanding of the local tastes and culture combined with visionary and entrepreneurial thinking, we bring you successful and coherent local concepts with systematic implementation.

Superior Taste and Quality

Each of our brand consistently delivers a superior product & service which is unmatched in the region. No matter which Najd's brand you visit, our dedication to quality and the customer is evident.
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Bringing flavors of world, home

Najd International Franchising is all about limitless reach and unleashing the barriers of distance. Its just the initial step of bringing extensive worldwide flavors home.

Finding Aspiration in Partnerships

Najd places great importance on building partnerships. With a well-established network of local partners, authorities and industry experts, Najd makes sure to create healthy and beneficial results for all stakeholders.
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Integrity Builds Confidence

Najd offers a portfolio of diversity through nationally and internationally recognized brands. Food lovers recognize the quality of our ingredients and trust the experience we bring in.

Freshness and Originality

We pride ourselves on using high-quality and fresh ingredients at all of our concepts. That is how we provide consumers with quality, value and exceptional dining experience.

Our Secret to Success

With decades of experience in retail and F&B industry, Najd's commitment to excellence is second to none. How we achieve it? The answer is simple: remarkable people, remarkable brands and remarkable franchisees.

We Serve you with passion

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