Fahad ALAbdullatef Chairman

Is a citizen of Saudi Arabia. He graduated from king Saud University Business Administration joined Al-Gazali Company mid 1993s. Worked in a maintenance center, became manager branches expansions around the kingdom, in 2005 became the director of the southern region. also Board Member of AL-Gazali group and 
 Owner of Najd Alemtiazat int.co.

“It is indeed a pleasure to share our philosophy behind Najd International Franchising. We, as a team, possess the attributes of self confidence and motivation which takes us to the top tier food and beverages operating organizations, dedicated to bring out the best of organizations; all whilst offering heartiest success to all our stakeholders. We aim to position ourselves as the partner of choice for prominent F&B brands seeking a foothold in the GCC region and also as the leading introducer of local concepts in F&B market. We aim to provide consumers with quality, value and exceptional dining experiences. With an industry ever growing and competent, we intend to ensure excellence, that translates into satisfaction and happiness for our customers. Our partners, customers, employees and society form the four main pillars of our success. Without their support, we will not be able to achieve the excellence that we so dedicatedly pursue and build a reputable image for ourselves. Our region is witnessing a shift in the F&B industry. Due to continuous stream of remodeling efforts and constant improvements, franchising in F&B industry is swiftly developing. We still have a long way to go but we are sure that this journey will be truly remarkable.”

We Serve you with passion

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